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Chemical Names: Secobarbital sodium; Sodium seconal; Dormatylan; Dormona; Quinalbarbitone sodium; Seconal sodium

IUPAC: sodium;5-pentan-2-yl-5-prop-2-enylpyrimidin-3-ide-2,4,6-trione

CAS#: 309-43-3

Molecular Mass: 260.269 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C12H17N2NaO3

Form: Capsules

Administration: Oral

Storage: Store in tight container as defined in the USP-NF. This material should be handled and stored per label instructions to ensure product integrity. Store at 20 – 25 deg C (68 – 77 deg F). Dispense in a tight container. Store in airtight containers.

Each Capsule contains 100 mg of Secobarbital Sodium. It also contains dimethicone, FD&C Red No. 3, FD&C Yellow No. 10, gelatin, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch, and titanium dioxide.

Seconal Sodium (Secobarbital sodium) is a barbiturate that is used as a sedative. Secobarbital is reported to have no anti-anxiety activity.

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What is Seconal Sodium (Secobarbital Sodium) ?

Secobarbital sodium (brand name Seconal, or Seconal Sodium) is a barbiturate subordinate medication. It has sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, narcotic, and mesmerizing properties. In the United Kingdom, it was known as quinalbarbitone. It is the most regularly utilized medication in doctor helped self destruction inside the United States.


Secobarbital (and Secobarbital Sodium) is demonstrated for:

Treatment of epilepsy

Transitory treatment of sleep deprivation

Use as a preoperative drug to deliver sedation and anxiolysis in short careful, analytic, or helpful methodology which are negligibly difficult.

Dose and Administration

Doses of barbiturates must be individualized with full information on their specific attributes. Components of thought are the patient’s age, weight, and condition.

Grown-ups – As an entrancing, 100 mg at sleep time. Preoperatively, 200 to 300 mg 1 to 2 hours before medical procedure.

Pediatric Patients – Preoperatively, 2 to 6 mg/kg, with a most extreme measurement of 100 mg.

Exceptional patient populace – Dosage ought to be decreased in the older or incapacitated in light of the fact that these patients might be more touchy to barbiturates. Measurements ought to be decreased for patients with impeded renal capacity or hepatic sickness.


Conceivable results of secobarbital include:


Debilitated engine capacities

Debilitated coordination

Debilitated equalization




Disturbance, fractiousness, or edginess

Cerebral pain




Bad dreams

Expanded affectability to torment

Hypersensitive responses

Trouble relaxing




(Secobarbital Sodium) may create mental compulsion and produces physical reliance whenever utilized for an all-encompassing timeframe. Withdrawal side effects may happen if long haul use is unexpectedly finished and can include:


Sleep deprivation

Absence of craving



Conceivable demise because of withdrawal

Recreational use:

Secobarbital was generally utilized for recreational purposes during the 1960s and 1970s, and unplanned overdose was related with the medication. Solution utilization of secobarbital diminished start in the mid 1980s by which time benzodiazepines had gotten progressively normal. Secobarbital has procured numerous epithets, the most widely recognized being „reds,“ „red fallen angels,“ or „red dillies“ (due to the shade of the containers). Other basic epithets are „seccies,“ „Cardinals,“ „ruby shoes,“ and, as per the Wegman’s School of Pharmacy educational plan, „red hearts.“ A more uncommon moniker is „dolls“;

Uses in creature and human killing:

In the Netherlands, people have two choices for willful extermination. They can orally burn-through 100 ml of concentrated syrup containing either 15 grams of pentobarbital (or pentobarbital sodium) or 15 grams of secobarbital (or secobarbital sodium), or they can decide to have 2 grams of thiopental or 1 gram of propofol regulated intravenously by a specialist, trailed by a muscle relaxant. As of late just 15% of the individuals who kicked the bucket by killing picked orally devouring the deadly drug(s), the rest deciding to have the medications managed intravenously by a specialist all things being equal.

In the United States, (secobarbital sodium) and (pentobarbital sodium) are the most well-known medications recommended under doctor help in-kicking the bucket laws in Oregon since 1998, Washington since 2008 and Vermont since 2013.

It is a segment in the veterinary medication Somulose, utilized for willful extermination of ponies and cows.

The LD50 of secobarbital has been accounted for to be between 125 mg/kg(rat, oral) and 267 mg/kg(mouse, oral).

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