Produkto kodas: N/A
Avaibility : Liko
Molar mass 230.66 g mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Sweet
Density 2.961 g mL−1
Melting point −43 °C (−45 °F; 230 K)
Boiling point 93 to 94 °C (199 to 201 °F; 366 to 367 K)

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Dimethylmercury ((CH3)2Hg) is a very poisonous organomercury compound. A profoundly unstable, receptive, combustible, and dismal fluid, dimethylmercury is one of the most grounded known neurotoxins, with an amount of under 0.1 mL fit for prompting serious mercury harming bringing about death, and is effortlessly assimilated through the skin. Dimethylmercury is fit for pervading numerous materials, including plastic and elastic mixtures. It has a somewhat sweet smell, in spite of the fact that breathing in enough of the compound to see this would be dangerous.


Dimethylmercury right now has not many applications as a result of the dangers in question. Likewise with numerous methyl-organometallics, it is a methylating specialist that can give its methyl gatherings to a natural particle; in any case, the improvement of less intensely poisonous nucleophiles, for example, dimethylzinc and trimethylaluminium, and the ensuing presentation of Grignard reagents (organometallic halides), has basically delivered this compound outdated in natural science. It was earlier read for responses in which the methylmercury cation was clung to the objective particle, shaping powerful bactericides; notwithstanding, the bioaccumulation and extreme harmfulness of methylmercury has generally driven it to be deserted for this reason for the less poisonous diethylmercury and ethylmercury compounds, which play out a comparative capacity without the bioaccumulation danger.

In toxicology, it was earlier utilized as a source of perspective poison. It has additionally been utilized to adjust NMR instruments for location of mercury (δ 0 ppm for 199Hg NMR), despite the fact that diethylmercury and less harmful mercury salts are currently liked.


Dimethylmercury is incredibly harmful and risky to deal with. As ahead of schedule as 1865, two specialists in the research facility of Frankland kicked the bucket in the wake of showing reformist neurological manifestations following coincidental openness to the compound. Assimilation of dosages as low as possible outcome in extreme mercury harming. The dangers are improved as a result of the great fume pressing factor of the fluid.

Penetration tests showed that few kinds of expendable latex or polyvinyl chloride gloves (ordinarily, about 0.1 mm thick), regularly utilized in many labs and clinical settings, had high and maximal paces of saturation by dimethylmercury inside 15 seconds.The American Occupational Safety and Health Administration prompts taking care of dimethylmercury with exceptionally safe overlaid gloves with an extra pair of scraped spot safe gloves worn over the cover pair, and furthermore suggests utilizing a face safeguard and working in a smoke hood.

Dimethylmercury is processed following a few days to methylmercury. Methylmercury crosses the blood–cerebrum boundary effectively, presumably attributable to development of a complex with cysteine. It is wiped out from the life form gradually, and in this manner tends to bioaccumulate. The manifestations of harming might be deferred by months, bringing about cases in which a conclusion is at last found, yet just at the point in which it is past the point of no return for a powerful treatment routine to be effective.

The harmfulness of dimethylmercury was featured with the demise of Karen Wetterhahn, a teacher of science at Dartmouth College, in 1997. Educator Wetterhahn spent significant time in hefty metal harming. After she spilled a couple of drops of this compound on her latex glove, the obstruction was undermined, and inside the space of seconds it had penetrated her gloves and was assimilated into her skin. It circled through her body and collected in her mind, bringing about her passing ten months after the fact. This mishap is a typical toxicology contextual investigation and straightforwardly brought about improved wellbeing systems for compound insurance dress and smoke hood use, which are presently called for when any openness to such seriously poisonous and additionally profoundly penetrative substances is conceivable (e.g., in synthetic weapons stores and disinfecting offices).


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